Here you can find you  datasheets as stand allone document oder as ZIP.File and your catalog with
 price-list for download.

isolation amplifier


signal converter and level shifter

amplifier / controller

link_pdf TV1.PDF

link_pdf OK1.PDF

link_pdf SU1.PDF

link_pdf DM1.PDF

link_pdf TV2.PDF

link_pdf OK2.PDF

link_pdf SU2.PDF

link_pdf DM2.PDF

link_pdf TV3.PDF

link_pdf OK3.PDF

link_pdf SU3.PDF

link_pdf DU1.PDF

link_pdf TV4.PDF

link_pdf OK4.PDF

link_pdf SU4.PDF

link_pdf EM1.PDF

link_pdf TV5.PDF

link_pdf OK5.PDF

link_pdf SU5.PDF

link_pdf EM2.PDF

link_pdf TV6.PDF

link_pdf OK11.PDF

link_pdf SU6.PDF

link_pdf EM8.PDF

link_pdf TV7.PDF

link_pdf OK21.PDF

link_pdf SF1.PDF

link_pdf LV200.PDF

link_pdf TV8.PDF


link_pdf SF2.PDF

link_pdf PV1.PDF

link_pdf TV9.PDF


link_pdf SF3.PDF

link_pdf PV2.PDF

link_pdf TV10.PDF



link_pdf SV100.PDF

link_pdf TV11.PDF



link_pdf UV1.PDF

link_pdf TV17.PDF




wire break detector

power supplys

frequency conversion

temperature  transducer

link_pdf DW1.PDF

link_pdf NG5/NG24.PDF

link_pdf FW1.PDF

link_pdf PT1.PDF

link_pdf DW2.PDF

link_pdf NG2.PDF

link_pdf FW2.PDF

link_pdf PT2.PDF

link_pdf DW3.PDF

link_pdf DC1.PDF

link_pdf FW3.PDF

link_pdf PT3.PDF

link_pdf DW4.PDF

link_pdf DC2.PDF

link_pdf FW4.PDF

link_pdf TM1.PDF


link_pdf DC3.PDF

link_pdf FW5.PDF

link_pdf TM3.PDF


link_pdf DC4.PDF

link_pdf FT1.PDF

link_pdf UM1.PDF


link_pdf NGS2.PDF

link_pdf PW1.PDF


relays / analog switches

set point devices

limit monitoring

catalog / price-list

link_pdf AS1.PDF

link_pdf RW2.PDF

link_pdf GW1.PDF

link_pdf catalog-price list

link_pdf AS2.PDF

link_pdf SB1.PDF

link_pdf GW2.PDF

iconRAR all

link_pdf AS3.PDF

link_pdf SG1.PDF

link_pdf GW3.PDF


link_pdf SR1.PDF

link_pdf SG100.PDF

link_pdf GW4.PDF


link_pdf SR2.PDF

link_pdf WW1.PDF

link_pdf GW4-LCD.PDF


link_pdf SR3.PDF

link_pdf MU1/MU2.PDF

link_pdf LU1.PDF




link_pdf LU2.PDF


logic gate




link_pdf UG6.PDF

link_pdf ISO9001.PDF



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